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I know, I know…Disney princess mashup. But after finishing this season of Game of Thrones I couldn’t help myself. Would it be too corny to call this oneĀ Game of Thorns?

A wedding card for some good friends who like Basset Hounds a lot!

What if had ? For and today

Sailor Moon for Sketch Dailies! Mashed up with Adventure Time for some reason.

Oh hi, #Ariel. #disney #mermaid (at WonderGround Gallery)

Drew a quick #Tinkerbell while signing at WonderGround…here til 4 today in Downtown #Disney! (at WonderGround Gallery)

Link for Sketch Dailies! Couldn’t resist this one cause I am a huge Zelda nerd. Wind Waker is probably my favorite art style of all the games, but I mashed in a few other items here…

Sketching in the park. #sketch #illustration #drawing (at Regional Parks Botanic Garden)

More #sketching on 4th St. #drawing #sketchbook (at Fourth Street Shops)

"Harlequin" for Sketch Dailies. Harley Quinn was totally the best character on BTAS.

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